Lecrae shares the painstaking attempts of filling the emptiness that was a result of fatherlessness, sexual abuse, loneliness and insecurities with mostly sex, drugs and music.

Listen to Old Jay's Newest Tracks

Old Jay just dropped two lyrically immersive tracks 'Ubusa' and 'Dreaming Big'. 'Ubusa' is a vividly versed rap track about the vanity of life.

Petit Pays

Gaby despite everything he experiences at a young age, never succumbs to hate for his country and you have to admit in difficult times such as those portrayed in this book, it isn't a very easy thing to do.

Cranes in the Sky

In general, the entire album expresses the pain felt towards the inhumane experiences of black people in America, specifically the experiences of black women.

Roll Up by B.o.B

Although “Roll up’s main theme is about throwing all caution to the winds and get stoned, B.O.B also shows his vulnerability, and that is what made me like the song.

A Boy from Rwanda

This film is a demonstration of Darkecy's progress as an artist and points to what is to come for him. In this film, Darkecy stresses the need for African people to believe and believe strongly that they too can produce artists equal in greatness as some of the biggest names in the art and music world today.