Coloring Book

I believe Chance’s intent with his mixtape was to tell his story about where he is now in his life. From the cover art, he is smiling in a sea of bright colors to signify that he is satisfied with his coloring book that is his life.

The Racketeer

John Grisham brilliantly tackles death and justice along with other themes including family, romance and wealth among others.

How to live on 24 hours

Arnold identifies the major cause of all pains related to time management to be rooted in one's attitude, and so, to be rooted in one's mind.

State of Mind

This book focuses largely on personal development; recognizing that leading a good life begins with mastery of self is a theme often encountered in 'State of mind'.

So good

In a nut shell, it might interest you all of you to know that one of “B.O.B’s own favorite songs is “So Good”. The song is a fusion of pop and rap, which makes it appealing to both fans of those genres.


Rapping in English, Twi and Pidgin, M.anifest has a unique style that will have you nodding your head to his mind-picking, fresh lines.