The Motorcycle Diaries

The year is 1952 and two young men with a background in medicine decide to put their schooling on hold and travel across Latin America with the aim to explore, drink as much wine as they can(it clearly appears as such) and to volunteer at the leper colony in Peru.


I think this album captures what Rihanna aimed for- “I just wanted to focus on things that felt real, that felt soulful, that felt forever…” which she achieved, but also showed us more of herself as an artist.


No doubt Gaurav thought that Aryan would be awed by his act of valor on Aryan’s sake. What Gaurav couldn’t have predicted was that Aryan would be revolted with his boorish behavior done in Aryan’s name.


Ransom is an evocation of life’s puzzling turns of fate, and a proof of human beings’ will to survive. If you love the thriller genre, I suggest you grab Danielle Steel’s ‘Ransom’.


Throughout the book, Adichie includes stories of lovers that Ifemelu encountered in her thirteen years of living in the US. All her lovers opened doors for her to a different and new America that she didn’t previously know it existed.

What If

They conversed like they had known each other their entire life; they didn’t realize how good they were for each other, while others did.