Me Before You

“Me Before You” tells a tale of a young woman called Louisa Clark who after getting fired from her job, starts working for a rich family as its son’s caretaker after he becomes quadriplegic because of a motorbike accident.

Purple Hibiscus

When political turmoil forces Jaja and Kambili to move to Nsuka with their aunt Ifeoma and their cousins, Kambili and Jaja learn about unconditional love, freedom, laughter and defiance.


Each song is an emotion, a violent, raw emotion that she felt as she went through her journey. Each emotion comes together to make a story about love, betrayal, forgiveness and redemption.

To Pimp A Butterfly

By showing us his growth and pains, by having us bleed like he did through the use of soulful samples layered over the roundness of a low bass synth and the deliberate distortion of his voice, we learn the truth like he did and we pay it forward. We sprout wings and leave the cocoon. We become butterflies.


Nadine Otsobogo, the director of the film portrays for us the empty, blurred vision from which beautiful art is born. The film is rich with African musical compositions that make each scene special and balance out the quiet solitude that surrounds the artist's setting.

Deception Point

There was also that fast pace as I read page after page, my mind simultaneously wondering about what shocking twist he’d throw, and trying to keep up with some of his convoluted sentences. Sentences which no typical layman like me would comprehend, yet continues indulgence for the sake of the mystery.