Issue 3: Stories about Home & Community

  1. Introduction by Rita Umuliza

  2. Rooted by Igihozo Gloria

  3. Petit Pays Review, The Walls Between Us by Mutsinzi

  4. The Imperceptible Ways Architecture Impacts Our Behavior by Ben Rutabana

  5. Comfort by Ines Makuza

  6. Why Design Matters by Angela Shyaka

  7. Here Is My Hope by Uwera Ntaganzwa

  8. Communitarism for Dummies by Maya Mutesi

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In the Mood for Love

The tragedy in this film is that Su and Chow's growing sentiments for each other are never communicated. Each waiting for some sort of permission, which never comes.

Everything I Never Told You

Set in a time when interracial marriages were heavily frowned upon, James and Marilyn Lee and their 3 children Nathan (oldest), Lydia, and Hannah (youngest) are social outcasts in a small town near Virginia.

Les Quatre Cents Coups

Escapism is a poignant motif in the film and it becomes heavier with the boy's many attempts to run away from home. There is a restless spirit in Doinel that makes him intolerant to a life of conformity.


In no more than 8 tracks, Sogokuru has managed to cement what has already been a firm musical repertoire.

Long Live the Angels

This is what listening to her feels like, she is an unstoppable force of nature

Sonnys Blues

Baldwin asks us to look out this great, big window and refrain from wanting parts of the unscenic view changed, to look at it as is.


My extreme weight loss came with an unwanted baggage- ulcers. My stomach had literally digested itself due to minimal food ingestion. Read More

See, unlike almost everybody else in this world, I had no idea what I wanted to do at the age of 5, I did not have a dream job! Read More

“The melting pot,” a country that claims to have a diverse and rich culture yet all I saw was a clash of cultures so clumsy it leads to none. The glorified horrors of the West are still a mystery ... Read More

I believe that if we attempt to treat everyone with compassion and empathy, we are more likely to stop judging them and it is then that we are capable of making a difference in their lives; it is w... Read More

I am convinced that comedy can be and should be free of shaming, generalizing, and dehumanizing. I believe we as humans must take responsibility with our words, and public figures (in this case com... Read More

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