Issue 3: Stories about Home & Community

  1. Introduction by Rita Umuliza

  2. Rooted by Igihozo Gloria

  3. Petit Pays Review, The Walls Between Us by Mutsinzi

  4. The Imperceptible Ways Architecture Impacts Our Behavior by Ben Rutabana

  5. Comfort by Ines Makuza

  6. Why Design Matters by Angela Shyaka

  7. Here Is My Hope by Uwera Ntaganzwa

  8. Communitarism for Dummies by Maya Mutesi

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My Precious, a poem by 1Key

My Precious is a piece about the need to tap into cultural heritage, for there, the poet seems to be saying, diamonds in the dirt lie, hidden

Wait 2 Wait Teaser

Chase's music pours with emotion and is at once nostalgic and relatable. The artist explores the ins and outs of growing up in a vulnerable but powerful way.

Symbols and Signs

For the elderly couple, life seems bleak, devoid of the metaphorical sunshine and Nabokov summarizes the old woman's view of life as "accepting the loss of one joy after another".


Darkecy continues to fill his music with rich and original Rwandan references and still manages to account for his international audience. The production which contributes to this international relevance was the work of Yannick MYK and he didn't disappoint, delivering what is the perfect accompaniment to the catchy chorus sang by Darkecy.


Stifler's ability to switch between dialects and languages allows for his music to carry a commercial potential that knows no borders. This track in particular would make for a vibrant live performance not only because of the great work done on the instrumental side but also because of the artist's stylistic mastery.

Steve Lacy's Demo

Each track seems to pour into the next, an interlocking quality that I think makes for a great listening experience because of the sense of continuity.


It took many systematic methods to successfully colonize Africans. King Leopold II devised the most horrific ones. Read More

In most African cultures, mental illness is a thing that happens in the West. But why is that? Why do we not like to talk about it? Read More

As a whole, the three performances are symbiotic, each unique in their own right and yet pointing at the same truths. That what divides us is smaller than the many rich wonders that should unite us. Read More

The music stops and the immediate effect on the audience is stillness, save for the slow rising of cigarette smoke; we are yet to be awoken from the dreamlike state brought about by this piece. Read More