Issue 3: Stories about Home & Community

  1. Introduction by Rita Umuliza

  2. Rooted by Igihozo Gloria

  3. Petit Pays Review, The Walls Between Us by Mutsinzi

  4. The Imperceptible Ways Architecture Impacts Our Behavior by Ben Rutabana

  5. Comfort by Ines Makuza

  6. Why Design Matters by Angela Shyaka

  7. Here Is My Hope by Uwera Ntaganzwa

  8. Communitarism for Dummies by Maya Mutesi

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The project is especially targeted at anyone with a Kinyarwanda background as it will feature interesting Rwandan references and stories, a thread that will run throughout Ijoro.

Mukadata by Andy Bumuntu

Mukadata is a beautiful song with great vocals, a relevant social message, and a wonderful beat that was achieved through the use of an acoustic guitar, electric guitar, saxophone and drums.

Collateral Beauty

This movie is mind-blowing. It might be a bit weird for some, but that is why it is so magical. It’s simply unique in its complexity.

La La Land

I won’t deny that I watched LA LA LAND with very high expectations due to the rave reviews the movie received, and maybe that is why I was quite disappointed.

Black is Gold

Wale raps that black women are mesmerizing in every way they can be but that their intelligence trumps everything that gets thrown their way. He doesn’t forget to be brutally honest and point out that attempts to blackface never succeeded in emulating who we are as people.

The Expericment Film

To this day, Eric remains a controvertial artistic figure who fearlessly speaks out on the injustice and manipulation that almost always seem to mark those in power. The film will premier on the 3rd of February at Neo Cafe in Kiyovu.