Issue 3: Stories about Home & Community

  1. Introduction by Rita Umuliza

  2. Rooted by Igihozo Gloria

  3. Petit Pays Review, The Walls Between Us by Mutsinzi

  4. The Imperceptible Ways Architecture Impacts Our Behavior by Ben Rutabana

  5. Comfort by Ines Makuza

  6. Why Design Matters by Angela Shyaka

  7. Here Is My Hope by Uwera Ntaganzwa

  8. Communitarism for Dummies by Maya Mutesi

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Ndashaje by Andy Bumuntu

The two complement each other almost seamlessly, it is as though, I felt, all Rwandan music should now incorporate a hint of blues.

Mr. Church

There is no easy way to do justice for one of Eddie Murphy’s most emotional and heartfelt titular role as the talented, well-read cook, Mr. Church.

D E A D S ☼ N N

Deadsonn's sound is a blend of an authentic-material-spitting rap voice delivered over self-produced rad and mellow beats.

2 States - The Story of my Marriage

Chetan Bhagat takes us through the struggle black Indians face. A struggle of being condescended, being called ugly, and being dubbed a “black magic user” in order to trap fair looking spouses, in case you happen to fall in love with a fairer person.

Mama and the City

For this track, Mike used his voice as the dominant instrument, with a light piano intervention mixing into his singing here and there. 'Mama and the City' is a simple and complete piece of art.


This EP flows introspectively and aims to make sense of Willow Smith's inner conflicts.