Issue 3: Stories about Home & Community

  1. Introduction by Rita Umuliza

  2. Rooted by Igihozo Gloria

  3. Petit Pays Review, The Walls Between Us by Mutsinzi

  4. The Imperceptible Ways Architecture Impacts Our Behavior by Ben Rutabana

  5. Comfort by Ines Makuza

  6. Why Design Matters by Angela Shyaka

  7. Here Is My Hope by Uwera Ntaganzwa

  8. Communitarism for Dummies by Maya Mutesi

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Set in an Old West town that is supposedly called 'Calabas 1867' as seen in the video, Jaden Smith's new visuals for his track 'Fallen' are stunning, he really did outdo himself on this project.

Telefone, a cathartic and colorful mixtape

On this 10-track tape, Noname explores the widening emptiness that’s grown in her.

Sammy Blak Bomaye

His rap journey started in 2009 and so 7years in, I can only wait in great anticipation to see what he has come up with.

Something Stupid

The 2-minute song depicts a man and woman enjoying their time together, so much so that they’ve fallen in love and can’t help but say “I love you”, probably too early, they believe. The duet makes it out to be less of a one-sided romantic experience.

Oppressed Majority

Oppressed Majority is a short film portraying sexism in a modern society by imagining a society where men are subject to sexism and gender bias.

Black America Again

Shot entirely in black and white(almost as though to hint at the tense racial divide in the United States), 'Black America Again' is not subtle in depicting the frustration of the African American community.