August Confusion

by Portia Uwase Zuba | Apr 17, 2017

In an open farm is where I see you
The air with a distinct smell of grass and cow dung.
In a world of accents and in a multitude of expensive looking people you manage to stand out
Not that your outfit is the most overdone;rather you make the leather jacket cool and humble at the same time.
As the dance festival continues,our steps get identical.
I am trying not to watch your every move
I am still convincing myself that being caught staring is some magical eye contact.
On my way home,I wonder why I am not happy after a sweaty dance festival with friends.
Then I remember:someone caught me off guard.
Someone has threatened to bring out a side of me whose existence has been questionable till now.
Could this be love?

Stalking you is dangerous.
Fearfully and carefully, I scroll down your wall.
I tiptoe in your virtual world lest you know a stranger has been lurking around.
By now,I know all your posts by heart: they are as beautiful as they are painful.
Beautiful because they give me a glimpse into your life.
Painful because they are an enigma designed to keep only me in the dark.
When I retire from stalking you,I proceed to sharing the little I know about you with anyone who can listen
When I finally shut up, thoughts of our matching dance steps take all the real estate in my mind.
Could this be love?

Each night I pray
I pray to the Living God I believe in, the gods,the stars,the universe asking them to send you a signal.
A signal that there is a cool girl you want to be friends with.
A cool girl who promises to be her wittiest self and to protect you from boredom and stale conversation.
A girl who just wants to know you
So that she can decide if it’s love or an infatuation.