This is a talk… monologue.. about everything and nothing in particular
Why is it that I seem to find myself caught in 2 or 3 opposing worlds?

Who am I kidding, caught in 5 or 6 opposing worlds that I keep forcing to meet that will never ever meet.
Vanity I mean. Aren’t we all vain. Don’t we all flush when complemented and yet claim to be as deep and unbothered as the seas. Psych.
How educated do you want me to be for you to think I equate to you. Isn’t there vanity in that as well?
I mean I am literally a pile of clay molded by the human being I am speaking to

What are u doing?
Stop trying to access my thoughts
Stop trying to see me
I am clay. Molded into what you expect to see. Not what I am and what I am not
I see you.. I see right through you. I see through you like a green house (made of glass)
I see your inner workings. I see the way you photosynthesize. Ohh that’s what plants do. Dumb.
But is it really?
You too, use people and objects to feed your ego
Just like plants use water and sunlight

Just love having intellectual conversations with human beings…
I noticed today my skin is becoming more flawed by the second
I mean i just enjoy talking about politics and controversial issues
I cant stop staring at how everyone seems to be wrapped in fiction
How more vain can we get as a generation?
Internal conflict.

cue drake

I love everything thats real about you and thats everything about you that’s just how I feel about you.
Not me.
External conflict.
Life is a consistent blur with a couple of happy moments with you that make it worth living
Suddenly I accept my multibridity.
Suddenly I stop drowning that voice out.
Suddenly I come to terms.

Take it or leave it I won’t change a thing about myself to appease you.
I know a number of wonderful humans that would kill
to have this pile of unmolded unfiltered clay.