Looking in a mirror
Clouded by fumes of prejudice
Shatter the glass with animosities
No longer see that they’re brothers

Centuries of fighting for a crown
On slowly sinking sand
Greed and guilt raging war on his soul
He walks on shards of broken glass
Doesn’t remember how to be a brother

Centuries of fighting to be free
Looking over his shoulder
Resentment brews and pours over
He’s been scarred by shards of broken glass
Forgot he has a brother

Scarred and bloodied
Earth falls from beneath their feet
Drowning in an ocean of bad blood
Falling, they see visions of a long-lost brother

Yin and Yang
After centuries of denial
That they’re two parts of a whole
Missing something when they’re apart
See their reflection in a shard of broken glass
Remember that they are brothers