Been rappin, reppin East Afrika
since I was 12-13 how about you?

The guitar-led intro to ‘300’ was a great way to re-introduce the hip-hop artist Stifler Sixela after what has been a brief hiatus. Inspired by the epic fantasy war film ‘300’, the song is as gracefully melodic as it is powerfully charged with $teezy-$teez’s multilingual salad of bars.

The artist hints at what should be his soon to be released project ‘$tereOpium’, which is good news after not hearing from him in a while. Judging from the quality and sheer dedication pouring from every line in this song, one can only wait with great impatience for ‘$tereOpium’ to be released.

Murda Lyriczz throwin’ gang signs, stereOpium , 2020 Rendez vous.

Stifler explores subliminally tensions going on within and outside himself and on more than one occasion references the state in which the Republic of Burundi finds itself today.

Still trynna reconcile the good and bad inna meh,
Que des beefs mais je suis mon seul vrai ennemi.

Stifler’s ability to switch between dialects and languages allows for his music to carry a commercial potential that knows no borders. This track in particular would make for a vibrant live performance not only because of the great work done on the instrumental side but also because of the artist’s stylistic mastery.

You can listen, if you haven’t already to ‘300’ on the Music & Blogging platform Kigalicious.


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