It doesn’t matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid

A Boy from Rwanda is a candid expression of Darkecy’s journey towards becoming a hiphop artist. Narrated by Darkecy himself, it serves as a video autobiography of the artist. It is an opportunity to learn about the rapper but more importantly about the man, Kayonga Denis Muganza.

At 13 years old, Darkecy develops an interest in art and begins experimenting with various ways through which to channel his artistic ideas. Denis commences this journey of artistic discovery by picking up his pencil to sketch some drawings. Around the same time, he is drawn to poetry and immediately tries his hand at writing some verses and rhymes. When he listens to Kanye West’s ‘Good life’, he comes to the realization that hiphop is the channel he’d been looking for.

Fast forward 2 years and Denis records and self-releases his first mixtape ‘Major Pain’ after which he performs at a number of shows. At this point, Darkecy has cemented his love of rap and hopes to pursue it as a career. After graduating from high school, Darkecy moves to Newyork to pursue his university degree and continue to work on his art. It is here that Darkecy begins to understand his true identity, which is rooted in his Rwandan heritage, a heritage that he says, he had previously taken for granted. It is also at this time that the name ‘Darkecy’ which is short for ‘Dark Prophecy’ becomes for Denis a firm grounding for his rapping content. He now hopes to tell stories of his origin, his country and his people through hiphop.

This film is a demonstration of Darkecy’s progress as an artist and points to what is to come for him. In this film, Darkecy stresses the need for African people to believe and believe strongly that they too can produce artists equal in greatness as some of the biggest names in the art and music world today.

Full of a relentless determination and fresh original lyrics, there is little doubt that Darkecy, the boy from Rwanda has become a truly unique artist. An artist who is making his artistic presence felt, a presence which he hopes will one day be felt globally.

If you haven’t already, do watch the film down below.

Film Details

  • Director: Denis Muganza and Olivier Mukura
  • Location: Rwanda, Kigali and Gisenyi
  • Runtime: 16minutes
  • Genre: Documentary


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