Black children, they childhood stole from them
Robbed of our names and our language, stole again
Who stole the soul from black folk?

In a cinematic style that resembles closely that used in ‘The Motorcycle Diaries’, Common has produced a beautiful, silent-natured and yet clear-minded portrayal of an African American community that is simply tired of a system of government that is malfunctioning in a manner that is too frequent to be accidental.

Shot entirely in black and white(almost as though to hint at the tense racial divide in the United States), ‘Black America Again’ is not subtle in depicting the frustration of the African American community. Emphasis is put on the pain of the systematic incarceration of teenagers and young adults.

These are the things we gotta discuss
The new plantation, mass incarceration
Instead of educate, they’d rather convict the kids
As dirty as the water in Flint, the system is

The short film serves not as a complaint of any kind, but as a statement to set the record straight about black people. The 44 year old rapper and poet has created an excellent piece of work with this film, and explored the ills faced by his community in a smooth, mellow tone, through his visionary and rhythmic verses.

Without throwing the truest intentions of this film out of proportion, ‘Black America again’ can also be seen as a call for black people to make the right choice during the elections, to make a choice that will best address the problems they’re facing and have faced in the past.

“We write our own story, black America again”

If you haven’t watched the film, feel free to watch it down below:

Film Details

  • Director: Bradford Young
  • Runtime: 21minutes
  • Genre: Short Film


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