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Keep sending pictures on instagram

Igisabo: A Rwandan gourd that was used for making butter as well as for decorative purposes.

During the 2017 Miss Rwanda Contest, the contestant Uwase Honorine descibed her figure as being in the shape of the Rwandan traditional calabash ‘Igisabo’. The words were taken as being both provocatively vain and undeniable given that her description was not far from accurate. What followed was a period of euphoric tweets and articles in response to what she had said. Darkecy, not long after the crowning of the 2017 Miss Rwanda has released a song dedicated “to all the beautiful women of Rwanda” and called it ‘Igisabo’.

The song plays with Darkecy’s usual calmly delivered wordplay and has a number of nostalgic references to childhood games and trivia.

I’m black like Ama G
so she clap, clap, clap: mabigibigi
I got the sauce, koma musosi
Say she wanna kick it like cyobo kofi

‘Igisabo’ comes 7months months after his last release ‘Oneonta’ and his ‘A Boy from Rwanda’ documentary. It carries a playful tone, teasing almost, and appropriately so, as the intended goal is to praise and venerate the Rwandan woman.

One thing that I know
Is I love igisabo
Damn her body so sick
Mujyane mu bitaro
She has potential
Yirirwa mu bitabo

Darkecy continues to fill his music with rich and original Rwandan references and still manages to account for his international audience. The production which contributes to this international relevance was the work of Yannick MYK and he didn’t disappoint, delivering what is the perfect accompaniment to the catchy chorus sang by Darkecy.

Ateye nk’igisabo X3
munyarwanda kazi ndatekereza ko byose bigaragara X3

Darkecy, the Oneonta Hiphop Collective co-founder, is yet to release his debut album and seeing that he’s spent years experimenting and playing with various styles, it would be an exciting announcement were he to decide on working on one. Still, it doesn’t hurt to listen to the consistently well-delivered releases from him, ‘Igisabo’ being undoubtably one of them. You can show some love by donating on his website Darkecy.com

Artist Details

  • Name: Denis Kanaka
  • Stage Name: Darkecy
  • Website: darkecy.com
  • Genre: Hiphop


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