I feel like any person who grew up in Kigali or has any kind of Kinyarwanda background can relate to the project - Sogokuru

Nearly a year after Sogokuru released his first solo mixtape ‘Kanura’, I had a conversation with him in which he revealed that he, together with the brothers Yannick MYK and Remy, will be releasing a new project sometime this month with the simple and mysterious title ‘Ijoro’. You might not know it yet, but you might have already had a taste of this project.

That’s right, Sogokuru’s track ‘Mayibobo’ will be part of the Ijoro project and that hints at the sort of sound to be expected on this project. Sogokuru explained that the project will blend modern sounds and “a very particular way of mixing the vocals.”

Now the songs on the tape…What can I say about them, well they are uplifting; Interesting modern sound with a very particular way of mixing the vocals

The project is especially targeted at anyone with a Kinyarwanda background as it will feature interesting Rwandan references and stories, a thread that will run throughout Ijoro. Furthermore, apart from the track ‘Mayibobo’, all the tracks on this EP will be in Kinyarwanda which should make for an interesting, inclusive experience for the Rwandan audience. I say inclusive because not only will this be a marvel in terms of production as has become characteristic of Yannick MYK’s music, but also a completely home-made dish of familiarity and relevance, due to the use of the Kinyarwanda language. As a body of work, I’m anticipating Ijoro to be radically creative judging from the music that Sogokuru’s collaboration with Yannick MYK has produced in the past.

Remember the song maguru in Kanura? It’s basically like a continuation of those vibes

If like me, you can not wait to listen to this project, you can atleast scroll through the project’s tracklist down below and lookout for the release on Kigalicious


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