Mellifluous: sweet-sounding, smoothly flowing

Shortly after her brother released his visuals for ‘Fallen’, Willow Smith has put out a 3-track EP titled ‘Mellifluous’. True to the title, this EP is a collection of her self-produced melodies accompanied by her soft but powerful voice.


  • - Cave Wall
  • - Little Shard
  • - Need to Know

This EP flows introspectively and aims to make sense of Willow Smith’s inner conflicts.

“But I want to know, yes I want to know why my mind’s so desperate […] My mind is like a prison, cold circling around me, I travel in all directions only to find myself in the same place still standing.”

If you haven’t already, listen to the EP below.


Mutsinzi is majoring in Computer Science. He likes reading, listening to music and creating.