“Ndashaje” - I’ve aged

I never would have thought it possible and frankly I had no idea what a marriage between Blues and Rwandan folk music would produce. So when I listened to Andy Bumuntu’s ‘Ndashaje’, which is exactly that, a blend of Blues and Rwandan folk music, I was in awe. The two complement each other almost seamlessly, it is as though, I felt, all Rwandan music should now incorporate a hint of blues. My musings aside, ‘Ndashaje’ is truly a great piece of music and one can only anticipate with great impatience what Andy will create next.

The song tells the story of an aging man entrusting his child with a life-long worth of wisdom. Andy sings:

Bimwe ubona bigutera urujijo
Wishidikanya niyo shuho y’isi dutuyemo

‘Ndashaje’ can be interpreted as the last words of an aging man who hopes his child can take heed of his advice, if he is to be ‘a man’. Re-assuringly, Andy sings:

Gusa witinya, oya witinya
shyira umutima mu nda kuko nanjye izo mpanuro
ni zo zangize uwo ndiwe

If you haven’t watched Andy’s ‘Ndashaje’ yet, you can do so below. If you did, I’m sure a second watch would do you some good, because Bumuntu’s sound is just simply sublime.


Mutsinzi is majoring in Computer Science. He likes reading, listening to music and creating.