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Nerve is one of the very few Hollywood movies I have watched this year, and I really liked it. It was a refreshing departure from the highly emotional and dramatic Bollywood movies I watched this year. Moreover, it also tackled what I consider a fresh subject; the internet. The movie is about a girl called Venus (Vee) Delmonico who signs as a player on a very popular but dangerous online game called “Nerve”, after having an argument with her best friend Sydney who thinks Vee is not a risk taker. Vee gets partnered with the hot Ian who is her total opposite. With the game, comes confidence and bravery Vee didn’t think she possessed.

First of all, I liked the movie because of the actors. I am not a huge Emma Roberts(Vee) fan, but I think I just might be after watching Nerve. Emma Roberts had an innocent quality to her that made the character of Vee very believable and endearing. As for Ian, Dave Franco essayed the role with so much ease that I thought the makers created the character with him in mind. The main characters’ chemistry was also something that made me like the film. Emma Roberts and Dave Franco were very comfortable with each other, and complimented each other really well because of their different personalities. I almost wished they were a couple in real life. The colorful visuals, and the variety in the soundtracks (bubblegum pop, electronic pop, hip hop etc.) used in Nerve also made me enjoy the movie immensely. As if that is not enough, Vee was a huge hip hop fan (If you read my reviews, then you know what Hip Hop means to me).

It might interest you to know that Nerve is a film adaptation of the 2012 novel with the same name by Jeanne Ryan. I am sure most people would assert that most movie adaptations don’t do justice to the novels on which they are based, and I wholeheartedly agree with them. However, this is one movie whose screenplay exceeded expectations, and was even better than the book in my opinion. I hope you enjoy watching Nerve as much as I did.

Film Details

  • Director: Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman
  • Location: Newyork City
  • Runtime: 1h 36min
  • Genre: Adventure, Crime, Thriller

Portia Uwase
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