Uri icyifizo cy’ umutima gikomeye

One thing that you can bet on, is that Meddy’s songs will be a hit. Meddy is a talented Rwandan singer/songwriter whose songs range from pop to R&B, but they all have one thing in common: instant hit. For me, ‘Ntwamusimbura’ stands out more than his other songs.

Ntwamusimbura is Kinyarwanda for “no one can replace him/her”. As soon as one presses play, the soulful beat overtakes the listener. As he starts singing, one can definitely hear the sadness with a twinge of nostalgia. This song is about a person reminiscing about finding the love of his life who chose wealth over love.

Meddy’s lyrical genius is shown repeatedly in this song. He incorporates Rwandan proverbs; “Irukira ugusiga, ugasiga ugusanga”. He also uses romantic phrases that tells the listener that this is truly a topic close to his heart. “Uri icyifizo cy’ umutima gikomeye” He also embeds advice from his own mother. “Since I was a child, my mom told me that love is not hard, when you see her, you will know”. As he sings “Ntwamusimbura” several times, one can hear his pain. The soulful music, the powerful lyrics, and the sorrow in his voice come together to make a true masterpiece.

This is perhaps my favorite song by Meddy, and I always listen to it when I get the chance. I was truly blown away by this song.

Keza Nzisabira
Keza is majoring in International Relations. She's passionate about politics, loves reading and enjoys spending quality time with her friends. She's also behind the blog Life of a Contemporary African