I can’t stand your masculinist nonsense.
Look at the way you dress!

Oppressed Majority is a short film portraying sexism in a modern society by imagining a society where men are subject to sexism and gender bias. The film follows a man who through out his day has to put up with sexual bias and disrespect for simply being a man. Eleonore cleverly paints the difficult reality of being a woman in today’s society. A reality that means having to constantly tolerate sexism and a lack of appreciation. More importantly, it mocks the belief that being of a certain sex implies that one has a justifiable superiority.

Watch the film down below:

Film Details

  • Director: Eleonore Pourriat
  • Runtime: 11 minutes
  • Genre: Short Film


Mutsinzi is majoring in Computer Science. He likes reading, listening to music and creating.