In the novel Ransom, Danielle Steel brilliantly portrays the collision of a crime with the ordinary lives of its victims. Ransom is an evocation of life’s puzzling turns of fate, and a proof of human beings’ will to survive. If you love the thriller genre, I suggest you grab Danielle Steel’s ‘Ransom’.

The story is about four people who in the course of their lives, become intertwined in a case.

Outside the gates of a California prison, Peter Morgan is determined to redeem himself in the eyes of his daughters whom he had left behind for four years. Simultaneously, a convicted murderer, Carl Waters, is also set free from the same prison. Three hundred miles south of San Francisco, a police detective Ted Lee who has been living for his job and slowly falling out of love with his wife— is tired of his marriage and settled down for a less demanding relationship.

In an exclusive Pacific Heights neighborhood, Fernanda Barnes, a mother to three children attempts to shield them from the panic of an unexpected danger. Four months after her husband’s death, she faces a tremendous amount of debt she cannot repay, all left behind by her assumed suicidal spouse— a world shattered, and a marriage lost. 

Within a few weeks, the lives of these four people will intertwine in ways none of them could have anticipated. For Fernanda, whose family’s life had once been adorned by beautiful homes, security, success and stunning wealth, the devastating death of her husband is already too much to endure. Wait until the shocking crime shakes her family to its core—and brings Detective Ted Lee into her presumed good-looking but messy life. Sprinting against time in the criminal world, knocked by the gloomy side of power, and wounded by loss and betrayal, no one can forecast where this tragedy will take the four.

Danielle Steel’s book is an audacious piece of work, it is a journey worth exploring, please read.

Mary Nzaramba
Mary is majoring in International Relations. She loves writing, bible study, and, interestingly, 'cloud-watching'.