Don’t need to explain if you can’t change what happened

I was introduced to B.O.B’s “Roll Up” by my brother. At first, I wasn’t keen on the idea of listening to any song he recommended, because I find his music taste rather horrible. However, I was curious to listen to this song, because I had not seen him that excited about any song in a long time. While listening to the song, my frown deepened with every lyric; it was just another song on “getting wasted and drunk”. I didn’t think I was going to listen to it again, since I was bitterly disappointed. I was wrong.

The whole day, the song was in the back of my mind like a blast from the past demanding to be remembered and reminisced. When I listened to the song the second time, my heart let go of all judgment and I truly listened. “Roll up” was a rich amalgam of B flats and C minors, whose melodious sounds made it hard to forget the song.

Moreover, I realized that B. O. B talked about other things rather than “rolling joints”. He talked about his financial instabilities before he became an artist, and his emotional void in the lines:

“Bank was broken, full of overages”
My heart was cold, it’s so emotionless.

Although “Roll up’s main theme is about throwing all caution to the winds and get stoned, B.O.B also shows his vulnerability, and that is what made me like the song. As an emotionally guarded person, I strongly related to some of the lyrics.

Hip Hop, like many forms of art, has been about expressing emotions, voicing your opinions, making social commentary, and representing certain groups of people. That is why I love and respect Hip Hop so much. It is the quintessence of things I believe in. True to form, B.O.B released the song at the time when Ohio State had denied the legal use of marijuana last year in November according to As much, as I heartily disagree with his opinion, I respect B.O.B for bravely sharing his thoughts however much controversial they are, and for doing it in a beautiful song.

Portia Uwase
Portia Uwase Zuba’s academic interests are Economics, International Affairs, and French.