Six months ago, RY dropped ‘Terrified’, his debut single, on SoundCloud. It was a hesitant but deep track delivered over an ominous, looped beat. And if at all the debut track felt shaky, perhaps the intended effect given its title — ‘Lately’, the follow-up track, is impressively solid.

RY spits over this track with a poetic ease that’s difficult to match. RY’s verses are confidently presented with his signature emotional touch. That the artist has grown since his last track is clearly evident on this track. RY’s previous track was an attempt to solve an inward puzzle. “Lately” is an earnest expression of heart-break. I find it easy to imagine this track accompanying a scene in a film in which a man tries to numb the pain from a relationship gone sour, at a bar, attending to a glass of whiskey.

The track features Gisa whose hook melts into the laid-back beat. Gisa has appeared on a number of tracks in the past, collaborating with the MLG Hiphop Collective. But it is on this track that he comes out at his absolute best. The hook is dark, intimate and has a vulnerable quality reminiscent of The Weeknd’s songs. The vocals are simply sublime.

Boasting over 2.5K plays on SoundCloud in under a week’s time, Lately is bound to make a lasting impression on any listener. It would not be out of place to predict that this track, given how well the artists performed, can do well on international markets. But until Rwandan music curators are sharp enough to spot talent early on, the best we can do as the on-line community is to like, repost, and share tracks such as this with such sheer vigor — or is it?