Drinking a German beer with a Cuban cigar
In the middle of Paris with a Dominican broad

It’s been 4 years since I first listened to B. O.B’s track “So Good”, and it is still one of my favorites. In a period where most American mainstream songs are about heartbreak, physical relationships, passion, and getting over ex lovers, B.O.B ‘s tale in “So Good” about initial stages of a relationship is as refreshing and welcome as a cool breeze after a harsh heat wave. B.O.B explores themes of getting to know your partner’s attributes for the first time and discovering a common ground that is vital when it comes to relationships. The first verse demonstrates this in the following lines:

Verse 1: Great head on her shoulders, she probably studied abroad She transferred to Harvard from King’s college in March She says that I am her favorite, cause she admires the art.

As much as I loved the carefree love story narrated in this song, I loved, even more, the fact that B.O.B music video for this track includes a lot of traveling which if I daresay, brings out the wanderlust in me. The different locations in the video have a wide, rich history. A history of art especially; famous pieces of architecture and art such as: the pyramids of Giza in Egypt, the coliseum in Italy, the walls with Murals in Berlin, and the infamous Monalisa painting in France. As if that is not enough, I also got to learn more about the renaissance period after B.O.B shared his love and appreciation of art in his song. I couldn’t help researching more about these famous artists.

In a nut shell, it might interest you all of you to know that one of “B.O.B’s own favorite songs is “So Good”. The song is a fusion of pop and rap, which makes it appealing to both fans of those genres. Moreover, its lyrics are easy to understand and to sing along to which makes it thoroughly enjoyable. If you want to listen to a relatively old song( which doesn’t hurt by the way) listen to “ So Good” because indeed it is so good.

Portia Uwase
Portia Uwase Zuba’s academic interests are Economics, International Affairs, and French.