Byose ni mu mutwe - The opening line of ‘State of mind’

State of mind Vol 1 is Apollo’s first book and comes after he’s successfully managed to set up the entertainment website ‘Kigalicious’ and the online apparel shopping website ‘Limita’. With that in mind, I was very interested to read this book because despite his young age, Apollo’s mature and determined mindset is turning him into a prolific entrepreneur.

This book is a reflection of Apollo’s thoughts and principles. It is written with the aim of sharing with the reader a philosophy that has been pushed forward by some of the world’s best thinking minds, that ‘As you thinketh, so you become’. The book opens with Apollo’s introspective perspective on how wisdom is acquired. He makes a sharp claim that all wisdom begins with acknowledging the source of all wisdom, the Creator.

The fear of God is the beginning and essence of knowledge

This book focuses largely on personal development; recognizing that leading a good life begins with mastery of self is a theme often encountered in ‘State of mind’. Apollo doesn’t stop there however, he goes on to mention the importance of not only health of mind but also health of body and spirit.

The closing chapters of this book propose that the reader increase their physical strength, nurture their ability to think and think deeply, and finally that they have faith which is strengthened mainly through prayer.

The 30 page book is the first of four volumes which the writer is yet to release. It is targeted at a young audience with the aim to empower them to begin their journey of personal development by first mastering the ‘self’. Do read this book, if you can.


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