The expericment film comes to immortalize what was 7months in the making; the independent, self-promoted poetry shows by 1key, the ‘expericments’. Directed by film-maker and friend to 1key, Isumbabyose, the film is an intimate look into the life of the disruptive, brilliant poet, that journeys into his early beginnings up until the present day when he seeks to create real social change through his social media presence and poetry career.

Featuring close friends and family of the poet, the film does much more than tell the story of Eric’s person, it exposes the viewer to the complexities that have birthed the poet in 1key and the role his childhood played in that birth. Isumbabyose tells the story in no particular order, shifting between the poet’s past and present, a pendulum movement in 1key’s journey that makes for a raw and rich viewing experience.

Each ‘expericment’ show is distinguishable from the other both thematically and the way it’s presented. The film immerses the viewer in the striking stage design, the sonorous sorcery of Eric’s band and those sharp, sarcastic words uttered by Eric. The film then becomes the reliving of those ephemerally lived but undying performances by 1key.

1key’s interviews in the film, where he is seen donning characteristically a black attire, provide personal insight into the process and thinking behind the ‘Entre2’ album, around which the expericment shows were organized. It is an album that he says was created to stand the test of time, to outlive him. This idea of oblivion towards an artist’s work is encountered multiple times in the film, and seems to be the driving force towards 1key’s relentless efforts to work and put out his art in an unorthodox and unprecedented manner.

Isumbabyose makes use of the film to highlight defining moments in the Expericment shows; moments that provoked public beliefs and questioned taboo such as the ‘Sexpericment’ show which had sex as the main theme. The content in 1key’s ‘‘Entre2’ is certainly not meant to please, but to provoke thought and conversation. To this day, Eric remains a controvertial artistic figure who fearlessly speaks out on the injustice and manipulation that almost always seem to mark those in power. The film will premier on the 3rd of February at Neo Cafe in Kiyovu.

Film Details

  • Director: Isumbabyose
  • Location: Kigali, Rwanda
  • Runtime: 90min
  • Genre: Documentary


Mutsinzi is majoring in Computer Science. He likes reading, listening to music and creating.