Too far but yet too close

Old Jay just dropped two lyrically immersive tracks ‘Ubusa’ and ‘Dreaming Big’. ‘Ubusa’ is a vividly versed rap track about the vanity of life. The rapper Old Jay, known for his wise and challenging lyrics, makes poignant the transience of most joys and pleasures. He’s just released a raw and real account of what matters most in life.

In my head, I pray that God might
give us an abyss where we might chill in peace

‘Dreaming big’, Old Jay’s second release takes a somewhat more positive direction. This rendition is delivered over a fresh, bass-bumping trap beat. It is as the title suggests Old Jay’s celebration of progress. More importantly it is a celebration of ideas, of ‘dreaming big’. Needless to say, Old Jay is consistent in producing some provocative lines, give it a listen below.

I don’t see my end, I see my ending


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