“My prayer is that you’ll make music too. Maybe not with your voice, and maybe not on a stage, but hopefully with your life.”

Unashamed is Lecrae’s first book and need I say; a life changing one. Lecrae Devaughn Moore is an American Christian Hip Hop artist, songwriter and record producer. He now has six albums and up to four mixtapes.

Pride, depression, anxiety, insecurity, drugs, sex, indifference, restlessness, anger, legalism… a story of the Grammy winning rap artist’s journey to faith and freedom, a chaotic but beautiful one. As he wears his heart on his sleeve, we learn that Lecrae Moore is also a man who like most of us struggles with fitting into worlds we do not belong. Unashamed is also a share of the lessons he has learned –one of them we all should: “If you live for people’s acceptance, you’ll die from their rejection.”

Lecrae shares the painstaking attempts of filling the emptiness that was a result of fatherlessness, sexual abuse, loneliness and insecurities with mostly sex, drugs and music. He lets us in on finding hope and refuge in hip-hop but later on learning that “some of life’s struggles are so severe that even music is powerless to overcome them”. As he learns about grace, he later on finds purpose and identity in Jesus.

He does not only vividly tell the story of the things that made him. Lecrae also introduces his family to us; the people who made him. Big Momma, the author’s grandmother is one unforgettable character –my favorite in his story as she poured a lot into his life, playing a big role in shaping the man we now greatly look upon. Unashamed is Lecrae’s journey to living freely and truly unashamed. Being unashamed for him is not giving into the expectations of a “Christian” rapper, conflicts and misconception about who rappers are and what Christians should be but making music for everyone; believers and non-believers while also unapologetically expressing his faith because he knows well that we are all different but have the same calling as he says, “to be instruments of God’s redeptive power in the world.”

This is one of the best books I’ve read and that is not because he is one of my favorite artists too. Through one man’s story, I found myself. –Anyone can and everyone who reads will because there is at least that one thing that will resonate with you.

Book Details

  • Author: Lecrae Devaugh Moore
  • Published by: B&H Books
  • Published in: 2016
  • Pages: 256

Uwera Nina Ntaganzwa
Uwera is majoring in Computer Science. She jokes that she's undecided about her hobbies but she is an excellent writer and poet. She is also behind the blog Both Art and Artist