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Daniel Radcliffe, to our inner childhood selves, will always be Harry Potter and nothing else.

So when I say it was unnatural to see him in a romantic comedy like ‘What If’, I mean it. The cliché but heart-warming movie features two people who become friends and unravel the puzzle that is being in love with your best friend. Pretty sure some of us can relate to this, whether it was one-sided or not.

That’s just a short of the plot, but really it was this utterly cute film of an animator and a medical school drop-out lost in life, meeting at the wrong time. He starts to fall for the doe eyed girl despite her being taken by a boyfriend who is an all-around nice guy, working for the UN. How does one beat that, right?

What I loved most about the movie was the banter between Wallace (Radcliffe) and Chantry (Zoe Kazan), occurring so casually and easily, throwing witty and humorous remarks into the script, and having an in-depth reach towards romance and friendships. They conversed like they had known each other their entire life; they didn’t realize how good they were for each other, while others did.

To some, the film may be a cliché chick-flic, but it sets two awkward personalities together, coupled with artistic and visual motifs (courtesy of Chantry’s animated thoughts) and poses the most common question ‘What if two friends explored their relationship further than what it is?’

It’s worth the watch if you like romantic comedy, witty script, cute awkward friendships, and a little bit of that indie feel of a film.

Also, I wouldn’t miss out on seeing Radcliffe be something other than the beloved boy-wizard.

Ines Makuza
Ines is majoring in mass communication. She's a great singer, loves dancing, reading, writing and spending time with her friends.